Our research and development in this field and the big responsibility for human, nature and environment represent a special challenge for CAPAUL.

The result from this is a big motivation for energy techniques and their innovative applications in fields like efficiency, security, environment, cost effectiveness and their use in all variants.

The use of the scarce natural resources represents also for us a challenge for the development of our technologies in this sector.

Perhaps we already dispose now of the bespoke solution for your problem, for your application.

Ask us for the actual state in this important field for your future and the future of everybody.  Human and environment are for us particular sources of motivation.

Quality Control

Capaul stands for a high quality service the customer will find through uncompromising precision in our products and through an excellent delivery performance.  Our highly qualified workforce as well as the flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise are the keys of the success of our company

Observance of deadlines and flexibility are two major strengths by which we are particularly distinguished. We deliver our products on the agreed date.

Precision implies observance of contractual specifications and plan. We take particular care to learn about and list the objective measurable data.

which we are able to adjust in line with our performance thanks to innovative thinking, personal initiative and continual investment. Our products will always be affordable to our customers.

are the backbone of our company. Man as the most precious element of the society is certainly our main focus through the great mutual respect that we cultivate and the continuous education and training we provide.

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