Since 1868 active in the field of mechanical manufacture

The district „Hütte“ has been the industrial site in Eupen for centuries. First it was the iron industry (15th – 16th century), than the fabric industry (17th – 19th century) which established on the mill site „Rentgensmühle“.
It is not until the 20th century that the metal industry has set the tone there.


Eugène Graf founded his company EUGENE GRAF & CIE – a "metal saw and tool mill" in the district “Hütte” of Eupen.
The "Eupen’s Chronicle “ mentioned in 1907: „Some years ago, the establishments “Rentgensmühle” were taken over by the company Eugen Graf and Cie (owner Eugen Graf) that operates a tool mill in a part of the vast complex".

The brand name "E.G & C" made then reference to the following specialities:
-Metal saws for machines and manual use.
-Precision circular saws
-Band saws for metal
-Circular knives for paper, cardboard, fabric sheets, leathers, …
-Mills and tools for metal
-Portative and extensible saws

The name GRAF & CIE becomes “Tool mill Capaul” (Capellmann-Paulus) – The owner is Erich Capellmann, born on  30.08.1903 in Düsseldorf, married with Maria Christine Paulus on 26.01.1931.

The Eupen’s businessmen Herbert and Käthe Rom become owners.  The company changes into a public limited company.

Takeover by Anne Rom and Ludwig Henkes (Born in 1959 in Neidingen near St.Vith, 1978 A-levels at the Episcopal school in St.Vith, industry engineer studies at the Institute Gramme in Liège).  Began his professional career in a foundry in Liège before becoming plant manager at the upholstery furniture manufacturer ROM in Eupen.
The company employs 12 workmen, 1 employee and 3 apprentices.

New building in the industrial zone next to Eupen’s street ‘Herbesthaler Straße’ and transfer of the complete production in modern production halls, 22 collaborators leave the city ‘Unterstadt’ and move to the conveniently situated industrial zone  next to the highway Liège - Aachen (E 40).

Takeover of all company parts by Henkes & Co KG-SCS (Susanne and Ludwig Henkes).

2000: Commissioning of hall 2

2003: Commissioning of hall 3

2004: ISO EN 9100:2003 certification for the fields precision mechanics, tool manufacture, and manufacture of electromechanical machines.

2005: Ludwig Henkes becomes president of the “Allgemeiner Arbeitgeberverband” (= Represents employers interests and provides services) Eupen-Malmedy-St.Vith.

2007: New certification according to the requirements of the norm EN 9104 and its reference systems EN9100 V 2003.

Fully air-conditioned hall with an area of 1500m² and a temperature of 20°C +/- 0,5°C

Halle 4

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