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In addition to our industrial activity, we are keen to make a particular contribution to bringing together the arts, culture and industry. This desire springs from our secret ambition to go beyond the concepts of productivity and profitability in order to find out a deeper truth. We invite you to discover here the artists with whom we prepare our annual arts calendars and organise various cultural events.

Calender 2010
Johannes Weber

This year we took a work of the photographer Johannes Weber as a basis for the conception of our calendar.It’s entitled „the moment“ and extracted from the photo issue “Ways of silence”.The creation of the artist is characterized by the confrontation of time and space. In addition to the clear look for landscapes, men and buildings, his works also show an affinity for details and abstraction. In one of his poems he writes: “With the time sometimes hours go by.Minutes do not count.Seconds last an eternity.At the end there remain memories”.May you and we manage to be open and to recognize the right moment. Those moments, which allow us to stop time, to make the experience of silentness and to sense an immaterial and not measurable time feeling.

Calendar 2009
Marian Reguli

This year, we chose like topic for our calendar a work of the Slovak artist, Marian Reguli, resident in Aachen. According to a review published in the press, Reguli’s works are characterized by the magnificence of colours and optimism. A main idea of its achievements is the artistic confrontation with the environment, dream and imagination. Here an extract of one of his poems: "Laughing, singing houses, Radiant children, It’s spring, The sun is shining, Joy on your lips, You are a flower, I am happy, I murmured, Outside, in the middle of the day, A small child kisses his mom."
May the year 2009 bring us many of such sunny and happy days.  Multicoloured moments. And perhaps we will all find a little bit of the deep joy that only a child’s smile can offer.

Calendar 2008
Armin Pint

Armin Pint was born in St. Vith on March 15th 1980, with Down syndrome. The 27 year old painter lives in Burg-Reuland with his mother. He attends the daily centre for handicapped people in Meyerode, where he works in the sheltered workshop since the success of his training. A little boy, filled with hope and aspiration, stands dreaming in front of a coloured landscape. Before him a river on which he could sail, that he could cross, or that he simply marvels at. Born with our talents and our limits, we only discover them in the course of time. To be able to dream, to discover treasures hidden in ourselves and to find the force to love life, this is what we wish you and us.

Calendar 2007
Christian Silvain

Born in Eupen in 1950, Christian Sylvain, is a social engaged man. He had an unhappy youth. His father disappeared from his life when he was only 4 years old. He did never know what mother love is. Between him and her, who beget him, reigns a “non relation”, “a non contact” – still now he is a well-known artist”. (Marcel van Jole). “The conflict between the feeling, respectively the reality, of being locked in (refering to the numerous bird cages) and the wish for disappearing (the symbol of birds, planes), reinforced through talks like “I must not look after the flying birds”, represent the content of his paintings, and also the desire for ascension into the wide heaven (‘quatre petites filles montent au ciel’ – ‘for little girls go into heaven’)”. (Norbert Kreusch).

Calendar 2006
Jenny Frattini "Nero Assoluto"

Through her creative work, the artist is able to experience again and assimilate the sorrow, which affects her deeply. She uses old techniques in the contemporary painting. She presents paintings in pastels, watercolours, acrylic and oil. The thick colours stretch themselves in a radical vertical. They explode and illuminate themselves through a fragile calming transparency before loosing themselves in the infinity. Trough the reproduction in the painting, emotions can be overcome. This work appears like a hope for reconciliation between joy and sorrow.

Calendar 2005
Irene K

Irene Borguet-Kalbusch founded the Irene K. Company in 1977. Over time, the Company has developed a very personal style. Although their choreographies do not tell « stories » they do not stop at pure dance either, but reveal in an associative manner the multifaceted nature of man, and try to resolve conflicts without neglecting, however, the lyrical and humorous side.

Calendar 2005
Willy Filz

Man is at the centre of Willy Filz’s creativity. The works of this Belgian photographer belong in the old tradition of portrait photography and are always contemporary. Willy Filz puts a face on different cultures. At his exhibitions, the photographer presents groups of images classified by country. The viewer travels between these cultures and his perception is refined in the process - Willy Filz calls it an « exercise in vision ».

Calendar 2004
Antonio Máro

Thanks to a very personal technique as well as to the inclusion of metallic hues with which he has broadened the conventional colour palette since the early sixties, Máro has developed a signature unique enough to win him international recognition. Máro is one of the great artists of today. His works are a testimony of a successful fusion of two cultural traditions. He is a magician of colour handling.

Calendar 2003
Helmut Hahn

Born in St.-Vith, Helmut Hahn sheds a very subtle light on the characters of Eifel, his native region, on its landscapes, villages and inhabitants. His works assume a life of their own, an impressive personality.

Calendar 2002
Eric Legrain

Liveliness, nervousness and restlessness are the main characteristics of his personality found in all his pieces. In fact, Eric Legrain is not a painter devoted to one technique or to a really specific genre. Violent colour contrasts and the exploration of background lighting result in a mixture of bold marks and various forms and figures. He often adds a few words of illegible text whose meaning is only known to himself.

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