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For more than 140 years CAPAUL has been perfecting faultless machining of mechanical components for aeronautics, medicine, the textile industry, the car industry, the railways, the petrochemical industry, the manufacture of compressors and of armatures and in many other fields.

Our high technology production plants turn, mill, grind, erode and control your pieces according to specifications (CAD systems, plant with total CNC, air-conditioned measurement compartment).

In order to provide the full service to our customers, we also offer the complete integration of mechanical subassemblies (study, welding, machining, assembly and control).

CAPAUL technicians closely collaborate with our customers’ design offices. This interactive development enables us to offer our customers our know-how and industrial advice with a view to obtaining a perfect product under the best terms as regards quality, service and price.

The required quality is verified and certified by a highly qualified team. Our production is monitored in accordance with the ISO 9001/2000 + EN 9100/2003 norm.

CAPAUL places its experience, its perfect mastery of a range of techniques and its human potential at the service of its customers.

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